Changmin biased and i hate myself everyday because of it.

-indefinite partial hiatus-
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匿名 excuse me, do you know where this is from post/51345909040? thank you and have a nice day ^___^

wow this an old gif, I’m about 99% sure its from this performance of we are!

匿名 soo i came by your blog via the fanboy gif set and i saw the tags, and i was like damn gurllll, that's chinese, like i was a little kinda on edge like what if, what if. and i looked for an about me page, and oh hayyyyyyyy. you're singaporean too. idk why, how it's so easy to somehow spot fellow men even on the net, /hides. but you're sooo young. i'm kinda :/ :/ :/ i miss being 15. it was crazy assed times yo.

WHY DOES TUMBLR HATE ME, omg i didn’t even see this until now and since there seems to be no time stamp i don’t even know when this was sent hahaha

yeah haha i need to update my about me im the ripe old age of 17 now lolol, singaporeans can be hard to find on here thats right haha, I find that I can find them too?? like you have that feeling…